What a week! The Rotary Club of Cedar Grove enjoyed the end of year lunch for the Students of the Month and Scholarship Night!
June 6, 2017 The Rotary Club, Cedar Grove High School's administration - Mr. Mangili and Mr. Gallagher - enjoyed an end of year lunch at the school to honor once more the Student's of the Month! The Rotary Club presented the school with the 2016-2017 Student of the Month banner. That same evening Incoming President Komal Choudhry and Scholarship Chair Joe Vallone attended Scholarship Night. The Rotary Club of Cedar Grove awarded scholarships to Sam Amaldovar and Darti Patel. That night 149 scholarships equaling $103,000 was awarded! That is double that what it was 5 years ago. That is an extremely encouraging fact. The community truly comes together to help these students who represent our future. We thank the administration and congratulate the students and their families! We look forward to the 2017-2018 school year and meeting the graduating class!